Learning How to Use Pinterest

A compilation of all I’ve learned about using Pinterest so far.

  • Works best for visual niches and with women as the target audience
  • One Pinterest account per website
  • High volume of pins and regular pinning are key
  • Use together with ChatGPT
    • “Write a 2 sentence Pinterest description for …”
  • Pins should send users to individual articles
  • It’s viable to make multiple pins out of one article
  • Spend a good amount of time on Pinterest keyword research
  • Install a plugin to show “Pin it” Button on articles
  • Use as many original images as possible
  • Images should be eye-catching
    • Images can potentially be sourced from Instagram (always request permission and give credit)
  • Wait 2 weeks between publishing an article and pinning it on Pinterest. You don’t want Google picking up the image from Pinterest first
  • Useful tools:

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